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The new curriculum at Suffolk New Academy will ensure all students have the skills, breadth of experience and specialist opportunities which will secure successful progression into further studies and employment.

The curriculum begins in Year 7 with our foundation year during which students will ensure the basic skills for learning (literacy, numeracy, ICT and Being a Learner Skills) are secured through both discrete learning and experiences across the broader range of subjects in this year.  One key element in this will be the Being a Learner programme.  This is a series of lessons delivered throughout Year 7 specifically to develop skills such as teamwork, self-management, enquiry and creativity.  These lessons will be followed up by the use of the skills in all subject areas in Year 7 and beyond.

In Years 8 and 9 students will put these skills to use in the context of a full complement of National Curriculum subjects.  Learning will be focused, engaging and built around a firm understanding of the most recent research into how we learn and develop.

In Key Stage 4 the Academy will ensure that there are a wide range of opportunities for all students to follow courses of study appropriate to their interests, strengths and future plans.  These opportunities will be delivered in close partnership with our Sponsor, Suffolk New College, providing new and exciting opportunities to students previously unavailable such as engineering and horticulture.  Whilst the range of courses will be developed as the Academy grows we will also ensure that the standards which employers and other educational providers expect are provided for all students. 

At KS4 the course studied are:

Board(GCSE unless stated) Subject Syllabus 
AQA English Language 4707
AQA English Literature 9717
WJEC Food Technology 4090
AQA Media 4810 
AQA Resistant Materials 4562
Edexcel Art 2AD01
Edexcel Drama 2DR01
Edexcel French 2FR01
Edexcel German 2GN01 
Edexcel Maths 1MA0
Edexcel Music 2MU01
Edexcel ICT 2IT01
Edexcel Physical Education  2PE01
Edexcel BTEC Health & Social Care  First Cert
OCR History J415
OCR Triple Science Biology B – J263, Chemistry B – J264, Physics B – J265
OCR Computing J275 
OCR Science Science B – J261
OCR Geography J385


Extended activities at Suffolk New Academy

All students are encouraged to participate in the wide range of extended activities available. This starts early with a work out at the fitness centre before the day starts and a breakfast in our canteen.  At the end of the day there are many activities to take part in; science and computer clubs, music, drama, dj-ing, and the list is always growing. The end of the day is a good time to catch up with school work in the library, or go to the 'safe place to be' which is open late, or drop in to one of the many learning sessions.

Sport plays a big part in the life of the Academy; the Academy participates at local and county level in many of the traditional sports - football, netball, hockey, cricket, basketball and rugby. More unusual sports and activities are also offered from hip hop dancing and judo to skiing. The Academy has up to date sports facilities, a brand new fitness suite and all-weather outdoor pitches.