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Student Voice Conference at Ipswich Town Football Club

School Council representatives came to ITFC to help develop key skills of team work, listening and empathy. They spent the morning working together in different workshops developing their skills and help each other to be better leaders.

After lunch students from the Year 8 and 9 School Council at Chantry Academy led sessions to help focus the students on the challenges facing them in their individual schools and come up with an action plan. This culminated in students presenting their ideas from the Directors Box with the ITFC pitch as a perfect backdrop.

Students came from Hillside Primary, Sidegate Primary and Gusford. All students fully engaged with the activities of the day and presented well thought out ideas of how to improve their school communities

Eden Oaks – Sidegate Primary
“I enjoyed today because I learnt new things. Listening is respecting and understanding. I have had the chance to meet new people from different schools that have responsibilities. It was really important to be part of it”

Mr Moseley – Assistant Principal Chantry Academy – Conference Organiser.
“The Active Learning Trust prides itself in helping students to progress within their schools. We want all of our students to succeed and enabling the student voice of each of our learning communities be heard – enables them to feel valued and helps them to become better individuals. It is clear that they will use what they have learnt today to help improve their lives of all of the people involved in their communities. It was great to see students from Year 2 – 9 all supporting each other and working towards a common goal.”

Student Voice at ITFC

Student Voice at ITFC