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Chantry Academy Policies
PDF icon  Admissions Arrangements
PDF icon  Behaviour Policy

PDF icon  Charging and Remissions Policy
PDF icon
  Complaints Policy

PDF icon
  Health and Safety Policy

PDF icon  Public Sector Equality Duty Statement

PDF icon  Safeguarding Policy
PDF icon  Chantry Scheme of Delegation

PDF icon  Sex and Relationship Education Policy
PDF icon  Special Educational Needs / Disability Provision
PDF icon  Privacy Notice for Pupils
PDF icon  Provider Access Policy

The following Active Learning Trust Policies can be found at

Anti Fraud, Corruption and Bribery Policy 
Anti-Slavery / Human Trafficking Statement 
Admissions:  Appeal Timetable
Data Protection Policy 
Equal Opportunities in Employment 
Exclusion Policy plus Exclusion Flowchart
Freedom of Information 
Gifts and Hospitality Policy 
Health and Safety Policy
Photography Policy
Scheme of Delegation 
Detailed operation of the scheme of delegation 
Whistle Blowing Policy 

If you would like a paper copy of any of our policies, please email