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Right now it is vitally important to stay home and stay safe, but why not escape with a book?  We know that reading has many benefits, for example it can reduce stress and improve well-being, increase vocabulary, introduce us to new skills and transport us to wonderful places with imaginative characters amongst many other things.  As well as a variety of fiction resources, maybe have a look at some non-fiction - read an instruction book, challenge yourself to learn a new skill or look at some recipes in a cookbook.

Even if we can't get out to find books or reading materials physically there are thousands of resources that can be accessed online.  There are many websites that provide ebook or magazine facilities, some for free, but don't forget there is also free access to all of the wonderful resources at Suffolk Libraries.  You can join online, it is free and provides fantastic resources, including access to thousands of ebooks, audiobooks, magazines....  

Remember, if you need any help finding a book or if you are looking for some recommendations, please contact our librarian Mrs Finch.  It would also be fantastic to hear about what you have been reading lately, what you have enjoyed about it (or not!) and any recommendations that you may have for others!

Happy reading! 

Open book

Welcome to the Academy Library

We have a fantastic space at the heart of the Academy, with thousands of books to choose from.  There is something for everyone so why not come and visit us!


Due to current Covid-19 restrictions and guidelines the library is operating in a slightly different way at present.  The Library is open throughout the school day for English and Maths interventions and during all break times to allow for students to exchange their resources (resources are currently ‘quarantined’ before and after being borrowed).  There is also a set of laptops based in the Library for student use.  You can access the Library catalogue from outside school using this link, but if you need any inspiration choosing your next read or you have any Library related comments, suggestions or recommendations please talk to Mrs Finch, the Librarian.  

There are regular reading events, competitions and promotions throughout the year, including Library Fortnight in November and World Book Day in March.  Students can also enjoy inspirational author visits and last year we welcomed Megan Rix and Sophie Green who gave thought-provoking presentations, and Beverley Birch who led an exciting workshop with some of our students.  Chantry Academy also participates in the fantastic Chantry Book Jam, which is usually held annually.

The Library has previously trained a team of ‘Student Librarians’ who assist in the Library at break times learning and developing a variety of skills, and we hope to do so again when restrictions are lifted.  We are currently introducing new Book Clubs and students will meet weekly to hold lively discussions and review a variety of titles. We have previously hosted a popular and vibrant after school Manga/Anime Club which we hope we can introduce again soon.

We look forward to welcoming you into the Library soon!