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Parents Protect

Parents protect! is part of Stop it Now! UK and Ireland; a child sexual abuse prevention campaign that operates a confidential Freephone helpline and email service (0808 1000 900 / and provides accurate information to adults to help them play their part in keeping children safe. It is managed by the Lucy Faithfull Foundation, a child protection charity.

Parents Protect! Currently offers free 90-minute educational sessions are for parents, carers and other adults to raise awareness of child sexual abuse and provide positive messages about what can be done to protect children. They focus on dispelling common myths about child sex offenders while at the same time arming parents and carers with sound information that will help them keep their children safe.

It is vital that parents, carers and other adults are equipped with sound information to help them protect their children. This includes:- understanding abuser behaviour including how and why people sexually abuse children, the barriers to identifying harmful behaviour and how to overcome them, how sex offenders are managed in the community, and positive actions adults can take to prevent child sexual abuse.

Through working with statutory agencies and community organisations, Parents Protect! has built relationships and trust within communities to alleviate any fears and concerns they may have. It also enabled the campaign to deliver messages in a manner that does not ‘scare monger’ but gives communities factual and up to date information.

Stop it Now UK and Ireland and the Lucy Faithfull Foundation work in partnership with police and probation services, Local Safeguarding Children Boards and other agencies to promote and deliver these presentations.

Stop it Now! UK and Ireland Training

Stop it Now! UK and Ireland also deliver professional training, called “Preventing Child Sexual Abuse – Making it Everybody’s Business” that is designed for all those who work or volunteer with children and families. The training aims to equip attendees with vital knowledge on implementing child protection measures and allows participants to keep up to date with the latest research around child sexual abuse and abusers.

The day includes workshops on:- working with children who display harmful sexual behaviours; women who sexually abuse children; and internet offenders. This training also provides participants with an opportunity to work in multi-agency groups to explore existing services that would further help prevent child sexual abuse.

If you are interested in organising or attending a Parents Protect! Or Stop it Now! training event please contact National Manager, Liz Maslen on 01527 598184 or email More information is available from the website