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PDF icon  Consultation on Admission Arrangements for 2022 / 23

PDF icon  Admission Arrangements for 2021 / 22
PDF icon  Admission Arrangements for 2022 / 23
PDF icon  Appeal Timetable 2021
PDF icon Appeal Timetable 2022
PDF icon
  ALT Appeal Form

Should you have a query about admission or transfer arrangements, please contact:
Admissions, Southern Area Education Officer - Telephone:  0345 600 0984
or click on the link

If you have a child who is currently in secondary education who wishes to transfer to the Academy, please complete the form below.

PDF icon  In Year Transfer Application form - this form should be completed and returned to the Academy.

Transfer Arrangements

Year 7

At Chantry Academy we do everything possible to make the transfer from Primary School as smooth as possible.  Key staff visit the primaries and speak with the young people to discuss their hopes and fears. We liaise closely with the primary schools to ensure we understand each young person's needs and aspirations. Projects ensure students make progress from their very first day of arriving at the Academy.  We offer opportunities for parents to come and speak to us.

Parents are always welcome to visit the Academy during the school day. If you wish to do so please contact the office for an appointment with a senior member of staff.

Our intake number is 180.

New pupils are invited to attend Chantry Academy for two days during the Summer Term - (1 + 2 July 2020).  Parents are invited to the academy to meet their child's Year Manager and other key staff on the evening of the second day.

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