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Special Needs Provision

          Our SENDCO is Mrs E Ruddock who can be contacted on 01473 687181

SEN and disability (Local Offer)


PDF icon  SEN Information Report - January 2022

Learning Support

The Learning Support Department at Chantry Academy liaises with partner Primary schools, so that most students who have special educational needs have been identified before their arrival.

Classroom support is provided by a team of Learning Support Assistants and is structured to enable students to access the curriculum. Priority for support has to be given to students with statements and EHCPs, but other students also benefit. We strive to implement the principles of the Code of Practice and aim to establish good working relationships with parents/carers.  We carry out cognitive assessments on students on the SEND register to monitor their progress and to ascertain whether they would benefit from extra support in their exams.

The Learning Support Department has a multi-agency approach to supporting young people. We intend to provide every opportunity for our young people to make a successful transition into adult life.

Pupil Passports are reviewed at least twice a year and students are encouraged to review and set their own targets.

The British Dyslexia Association have launched a new website to support teachers, parents and students.

Able, Gifted and Talented

Students are identified as being Able, Gifted and Talented on arrival into the Academy, and their names are placed on our Able, Gifted and Talented register. This register is updated annually, and parents are informed of their child’s abilities. They are also provided with guidance as to how they can support their child at home.

We encourage parents who feel their child may have a talent that has not been recognised at the Academy to discuss the matter with their child’s tutor at any time. Provision for Able, Gifted and Talented students in school includes a full range of differentiation in lessons, workshops for Able, Gifted and Talented students, after school opportunities, support groups and cross-curricular targeted events.

Students will have personalised targets and these will be monitored by subject staff and tutors. Parents are encouraged to work with both their child and the tutor to ensure that their child is enjoying the Academy experience, and also feels challenged and inspired by the specialist curriculum provided. Parents of Gifted students will be invited to information evenings which will give details on how to help a Gifted child.  You can also visit this website