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The Home - Academy Agreement

The Parents / Guardians will do their very best to:

  • See that their child attends the Academy regularly, on time and is properly equipped for all lessons (i.e. black pen, pencil, ruler, rubber and maths equipment)
  • Notify the Academy before 8.30am on the first day of absence if their child is unwell
  • Let the Academy know about any concerns or problems that might affect their child’s work or behaviour
  • Support the Academy’s policies concerning behaviour and uniform
  • Support their child’s studies in carrying out the homework policy
  • Attend Parents’ Evenings and discussions about their child’s progress in order to work with the Academy to ensure they achieve their very best.

The Academy will do its very best to:

  • Care for and respect the needs and rights of all students
  • Work towards achieving its written aims
  • Contact parents if there is a problem with attendance and punctuality
  • Work with parents to solve any problems that could affect the student’s work or behaviour
  • Provide a well taught, balanced curriculum and meet the individual needs of each student
  • Set, mark and monitor classwork and homework
  • Arrange Parents’ Evenings and send home reports according to the Academy calendar dates
  • Keep parents informed about the Academy activities through regular blogs.

The Student will do their very best to:

  • Attend the Academy every day, on time and in uniform
  • Bring all the equipment they need each day
  • Do their classwork and home work to the best of their ability
  • Support the Academy’s rules, rights and responsibilities
  • Respect the rights of all members of the Academy community to feel safe and comfortable
  • Make the most of opportunities the Academy provides
  • Be a credit to their parents, the Academy and themselves at all times through their behaviour and achievements.