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You said - We did (Parents' Forum)

At Chantry we value the partnership with the parents of our students. Only through effective support at home can the progress made at school be enhanced. In March 2015 we launched our parent’s forum. The forum enables the parents to make a contribution to the direction of the learning of our students. Currently we have 45 members of the forum with every year group represented, we meet once every half term to look at key areas of the school. As a direct result of the forum we have adjusted our systems or introduced new procedures. Below is a list of the changes made as a result of consultation with parents.

You said

We did

We want the academy to deal with low level disruption

Introduced the consequence “C” system which removes the barrier of low level disruption. We also inform parents via text if their child is involved.

We want our children to be recognised for their contribution

Introduced the rewards “R” system. All students receive positive points for meeting expectations each lesson, further positive points if they exceed them.

Rewards trips are now linked directly to those with the maximum number of positive points.

We want to be more involved in the school

Parent forum launched which meets every half-term to support the development of the academy.

I want to have regular communication about the things going on in school

Principal writes a weekly blog to share the positive activities and highlights of the week.

Principal and Chantry Academy tweeter account is used to share the immediate good news.

We don’t find the website useful

We redesigned the website based upon parental feedback, with the key features, dates and contact details easily available.

We need more information about the school

We produced a parents’ handbook which has details of key procedures, contacts and overview of the academy.

We want to help with homework

We purchased Show My Homework which enables parents, students and teachers to clearly communicate deadlines and activities.

We changed the way we do homework. Homework now has a strong feature of learning key facts to prepare for future learning.

We want a different way to make appointments for parents evening

We now use an online parents evening booking system, so parents are in control of the appointment times.

The change of uniform is an additional cost

We provided new badges and ties for all parents.

We want a way to track how we have helped the academy develop

We produced a “You said. We did” page of the website.

You did not like the reports

 We have simplified the grading and removed the colours.  A working party has been set up to review the reporting process moving forward.