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Senior Leadership Team                   


Executive Head Mr C D'Cunha
Head of School Mr R Hanson
Vice Principal Miss T Stannard
Vice Principal Mr K Greenwood - Designated Safeguarding  Lead
Assistant Principal

Mr T Moseley

Associate Assistant Principals

Mrs B Allen / Mr K Stronach

Lead Practioners

Mrs S Andrews / Mrs A McKay 

Business Manager Mrs A Weatherby
Faculty Leaders  
Head of English Mrs P Manley
Head of Maths Mrs A Kaminska-Smith
Head of Science Mrs E Holmes
Head of Art Miss S Hendin
Head of Design Technology Mrs R Phillips
Head of Geography Mr T Temple-Cox
Head of History Mr J Longhurst
Head of Computer Science / IT Mr A Baker
Teacher i/c Modern Foreign Languages Mr M Helm
Head of Drama / Dance Miss S Lincoln
Head of Music
Head of Physical Education     Miss K Bailey
SENCO Mrs B Allen
Head of Year  
Year 11 Mr K Stronach
Year 10 Mr K Stronach
Year 9 Mrs J Abbott
Year 8 Mrs J Abbott
Year 7 Mrs A Manhertz


Business Manager Family & Safeguarding Leads
Mrs A Weatherby Mrs K Rice (Alternate Designated Safeguarding Lead) / Miss S Wickiewicz / Mrs K Morgan
General Enquiries  HR
School Office - Mrs P Miller Mrs E Fothergill
Attendance Principal's PA
Mrs S Hiskey / Mrs K Rice Miss S Haywood
Data Manager
Year 11 - Pastoral Manager Mrs P Miller
Miss M Watchman Examinations / GO4Schools / Website
Year 10 - Pastoral Manager Mrs J Dean
Ms S Wickiewicz Parents' Evenings / Work Experience / Activities
Year 9 - Pastoral Manager Mrs C Bonwick
Ms K Maclean Network Manager
Year 8 - Pastoral Manager Mr J Matys
Mr K Hawkins Finance
Year 7 - Pastoral Manager Mrs S Reason
Mrs K Morgan  Librarian
Premises Mrs D Finch
Mr R Croxson - Estate Manager Community Use
Mr C Saunders / Mr J Healey  Mr R Croxson